Computer Lab Swing
by Martha Larson


There's a place not far from here where all the coolcats spin
But they card real hard, so you gotta have the stuff to get in
It's the swankest, hippest crowd that you ever did see,
'Cause it's the coolest place in town to FTP
And you know that beat is kickin' with those keyboards all a clickin'
Computer Lab... Computer Lab

It's a high-class join where the big names rendezvous
You've got Hecky, Casbah, Merle and Sweet Lulu
The lights are white and the screens glow a funky green,
And, baby, pine is the secret word, if you know what I mean
Keep on swingin' there's no stoppin', the Cyberworld is always hoppin'
Computer Lab...Computer Lab

I sing bee-billi-oten-boten-bobo-skideeten-be-bop
As I take that mouse for a spin across my desktop
The guy sittin' next to me is a real Johnny Style,
So I'll Ph that cat, and get his profile
All those masterminds a-thinkin' but there ain't no food or drinkin'
Computer Lab...Computer Lab

Show your stuff in the printer line,
Highlight all your documents at one time
How much hotter can it get when you, whoa baby... telnet!
Day or night, you'll never lose,
Just brink your disk and your dancin' shoes
'Cause the cons are keen and have you heard?
There's a brand, new update to Microsoft Word... yee-ow!

The place is swingin! Yeah, baby... I'm in the mood
Bing, bing bing... click, click, click, it don't ever stop
I've got your password, you know mine
And, baby, you are so online
You know that scene is never drab, when your swingin', babe,
In the Computer Lab! Computer Lab...